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@tammys85 (11382)
United States
April 22, 2016 8:38pm CST
Hey there, everyone. I never got around to posting earlier, but at least I am here now lol. I didn't sleep very well last night, and then I woke up several times this morning, so it was probably not the best idea to go out with my best friend when she texted me... but I did it anyways lol. We just hit up a few stores, and then she dropped me off probably around 3 or 4 something. I got online for a bit and then took a short nap. I was texted when dinner was here, and then I got online to complete the two writing orders I grabbed last night. I finished the longer one, and the shorter one won't take so long. I am either going to work on a few more when I am finished with the shorter one, or I'm going to play the Wii Fit. Either way, I have basically hit my weekly goal so yay. :) I'm not really doing anything this weekend, at least not that I know of. My favorite wrestler is in town tomorrow, but I'm not shelling out the money so I'm skipping it this time around. It's okay, I've met him three times and he has responded to me on Twitter. My brother and I were going to try to get tickets to the Maryland Championship Wrestling event tomorrow evening, but he's getting over the flu so we're not going. It's alright. If I'm bored and there are really short orders left, I'll just grab a few and have a ball lol. I don't have any plans for Sunday either, so it may be a laid back, whatever-happens-happens type of weekend. I'm still trying to figure out what's going on for the Mixtape Festival, and hopefully our planning works out. :D I also have WWE Raw a month from tomorrow. Those two will probably be it for big spring/summer plans, but it's whatever lol. Okay, I don't have anything else to say, and I wanna finish up this writing order, so I'm out. You all take care and I'll try to get back to people soon. :) Photo Credit: Pixabay.
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@TRBRocks420 (81161)
• Banks, Oregon
23 Apr 16
Well done on hitting your goal. Do you think AJ will beat Roman?
@tammys85 (11382)
• United States
23 Apr 16
Thanks! And I honestly have no idea lol.