My life in it's financial axle.

Indianapolis, Indiana
April 24, 2016 2:41am CST
Funny how we work most our lives and realize some have it easier than others. For me, I always took the blue-collar as well as the white-collar road. I love to work hard for fair wages. I actually think of it as a workout more than i do work. I never had but one problem with this......the pay. For some odd reason, the field of construction work is one of the shadiest jobs one could have. For the like of me, I have never seen an honest month in this field of work, and frankly, I'm just now coming to a financial turn of events. I might just be able to make ends meet. Yes, I know. you'd think a guy, that works non-stop 6-7 days a week and has no addictions or set backs, could actually make a living. Guess what! It's not happened in eight years! for the past eight years, I have practically built part of this state, yet, I can't seem to get people to pay me, even with a lawyer! So, I finally got fed up and decided to hold off on everything, including my Internet, (long time, no see, i know). It took a month of eating chili from a can, pulling seven days a week, and holding back on ALL my bills, but I finally did it. I actually pulled through for once, and now I can save up. I still have my dreams. I still have a child to raise, and i still have bills, but for once, I can finally breathe.
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@scheng1 (24733)
• Singapore
24 Apr 16
I guess in that month of extreme frugality, you know what is the bare essential. I think one good thing about blue collar job is that you get enough exercise, and you can sleep really well at night. The pay is definitely low, but it is still a living wage. It is not a wage that allows you to enjoy the finer things in life. I think you can save money from now on. The worst is definitely over, and you have tested yourself to the limit.