Like Father Like Daughter

@RasmaSandra (16998)
Riga, Latvia
April 24, 2016 1:16pm CST
I don’t know how it works concerning fate or whatever but I’m living proof that there are things which you might repeat and later discover that one of your parents did the same thing or had the same thing happen to them. What am I talking about? Well this is a two part story so keep reading, please. When my parents were upon the ship bringing them to New York City in 1951 from Europe my mother discovered she had a bad case of seasickness. Dad on the other hand was glad there was always extra food to eat. He said that the cook made great and delicious dishes. With so many people who couldn’t eat dad always had a banquet. Of course, he sympathized with the others especially my mom and took care of her as best as he could. Then my dad has a most painful accident. He caught the first finger of his left hand into the ship’s door. There was no anesthetic or pain killer aboard so they gave dad vodka as they sewed up his finger. When I was 16 and dad had alredy passed away my mom took me and my best friend to Europe. I wanted my friend with me because I felt I would need the company. Anyway we went to Cologne, Germany for the Latvian Song and Dance Festival. I was sure glad my girlfriend came along because we stayed outside the city with mom’s friends in Offenbach. Both of us were so bored we wandered about their garden and took all sorts of silly pictures. In one picture I’m standing against a tree with one leg up. At home I discovered that in Germany there was a picture of my dad taken in the same pose so many years before. Now that nasty finger incident. At the age of 17 I caught the third finger of my left hand in a steel apartment door. Ouch and fandango was what I remember saying but have no idea exactly what that means. At least in the emergency room there was anesthetic and plenty of other pain killers as the doctor sewed my finger. Amazing how alike my dad and I were in these instances. That is why I would have liked to have known my dad as an adult and was sad that I wasn’t given the chance.
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@JudyEv (121012)
• Bunbury, Australia
24 Apr 16
These are strange coincidences. There seems to be many small mannerisms and habits that are passed on genetically.
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@ashuli (1089)
• New Delhi, India
24 Apr 16
Now thats a very interesting thing to check...
@RasmaSandra (16998)
• Riga, Latvia
28 Apr 16
As much as I love being like dad and was told that I resembled dad I sure wish that finger incident could have passed me by @ashuli