Why I Oppose The Death Penalty

, Pennsylvania
April 24, 2016 4:38pm CST
I am opposed to the death penalty as I want to ensure that we never execute an innocent person. The criminal justice system is an imperfect human system and is prone to error. Imposing the death penalty means that we will inevitably kill innocent people. Recently, there was a major news story that a man who was wrongly convicted in a 1957 murder was just released from prison. Jack McCullough, a 76-year-old man who even a prosecutor said was wrongly convicted in the murder of an Illinois schoolgirl, was released shortly after a judge vacated his conviction. We can expect Mr. McCullough to sue the government, and this will cost taxpayers even more for errors committed in the criminal justice system. Are you for or against the death penalty? Are you willing to risk executing innocent people? Source:
A 76-year-old man who a prosecutor says was wrongly convicted in the 1957 killing of an Illinois schoolgirl was released Friday shortly after a judge vacated his conviction, meaning one of the oldest cold cases to be tried in U.S. history has officially go
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• United States
24 Apr 16
I get what you are saying, but I am all for it, especially if they admitted to their killings. An eye for an eye. I don't like wasting tax payers money for these murderers to sit around and have 3 meals a day and live somewhat comfortably when their victim's lives were cut short. Especially babies and children. It sickens me. Even if they show remorse and may be redeemable in the long run, it still doesn't change what they did. Now I understand each case is totally different and some deserve it some don't depending on the circumstances.
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@Missmwngi (10783)
• Nairobi, Kenya
24 Apr 16
Killing a person does not make whatever he/she did right
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@JohnRoberts (63020)
• Los Angeles, California
24 Apr 16
I will respectfully disagree with you and just give Charles Manson as example. But I understand and respect your opinion as you should mine.