Egyptian revolution FAILED

@gullver (544)
April 25, 2016 11:47am CST
I'm sure now that the Egyptian revolution has completely failed, since The Coup some doubts started to grow up, there are many things wrong, many masks have fallen , new realities started to appear. The only way that guarantee the continuation of the democratic process and prevent army from govern Egypt again, is the return of the legitimate president, but ideologies take part in this matter, the first civil president after 25 of January revolution is Dr.Morsi who belong to Islamism, the army let the revolution from begging success, but not a sort of supporting people against unjust regime but to prevent the process of inheritance which Mubarak intended to do and let his son Gamal govern after him, army since 1952 revolution didn't let a civil president govern, so they stood against Mubarak intention, and let Morsi rule for only 1 year they knew very well that coup will happen, army take advantage of the various ideologies which take part in the revolution, which most of them are liberal and secular trends, army take advantage of their hatred towards the Islamic trend to make the coup more easier and give it the shape of popular revolution, yes gentlemen secular and liberals abandoned their principles because of their hatred to the Islamist president even if he became a president after fair elections, the Christians also of course supported the coup and the reason is clear and do not need to someone to say. About 3 years after the coup, Egypt now in the hold of army again, Now there are 2 solutions, the first is the return of the legitimate president, to let that happen secular and liberal trends should return to their principles again and till this moment they refuse that, the second solution depend on luck may be there are sincerely honest officers can do something.
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@MALUSE (41111)
• Germany
25 Apr 16
I can't read this post. Please space your text to make it more readable. Not only members with glasses will be grateful.
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@gullver (544)
• Egypt
25 Apr 16
@MALUSE done :)