You think you too short??? Anyways to grow taller???

November 24, 2006 7:07pm CST
Hi guys, any1 think they are too short or too tall?? If you are short, any ways to grow tall except jumping??? Any great ways??
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• India
5 Jan 07
Height is imposing and in a sense it spells confidence, so it is no wonder that people all over the world invest in options that help to increase their height. It has often been stated that adults stop growing after a certain period. New research now says that it is the thigh, shin and other bones that contribute to height, but also the spinal column. Elongation of the discs in the column helps you to grow taller. The spinal column has discs that are capable of growth. The pituitary gland in our body produces the necessary growth hormones. When the quantity produced is increased, it encourages the discal portion of the spinal column to grow and hence the spine itself is elongated. This is possible even after the fusion of bones has taken place and ossification sets in. A rigorous exercise program will elongate the spinal column structurally, and also straighten a spine which is curved. It also contributes to good posture that means you are always sitting and standing tall. Proper bending and lifting will ensure that the discs are not compressed or put under pressure. This contributes to height. Reflexology therapy helps the body to maintain equilibrium and creates a healthy balance. By ensuring that the right quantity of vitamins and minerals go into your system and by consuming the right foods which enhance growth, growing tall is not as difficult as it seems to be. Proteins, fibers, vitamins and foods like fruits, vegetables, and milk contribute to physical well being and growth. There are certain growth hormones which are given to children as essential supplements to compensate for slow bone growth. Called somatotrophin, it also is a fantastic anti aging therapy. Somatrophs are essentially a protein hormones consisting of 191 amino acids and are naturally produced in the pituitary gland. During adolescence, the quantity produced increases and growth of bone, muscle, and cell is accelerated. On attaining adulthood, the level of this hormone falls and growth is decelerated. Reflexology, which has its roots in India and china, caught on in the west and has contributed to growing taller. Certain reflex points on your feet are massaged and this triggers the secretion of the growth hormone by the pituitary gland. Participating in active sports that require you to stretch combined with stretching exercises also contributes to help you to grow tall. Eating well, exercising regularly and resting adequately ensure that the body reaches its full potential. Fitness equipment, especially the height stimulator ensures good overall health and also brings about weight loss and height gain. If you happen to be one of those unlucky ones who have a short stature there is hope for you to grow taller. A new growth method B-growth Bone and cartilage nutrition improves posture, flexibility and has produced promising results as far as height increase is concerned. Of course this has to be combined with some easy warm up exercise. Last but not least, the inevitable high heel shoes can add to your height and make you appear to have grown taller.