Invention that changed the lives

@shivamani10 (11168)
Hyderabad, India
April 28, 2016 12:38am CST
Any Invention, whether it is ancient or modern, has got the element of changing the lifestyle of the people. These changes may be temporary or permanent. The invention which changes the whole process of the very lifestyle of a human race is amply called 'permanent invention'. One such permanent invention being 'the invention of the wheel'. Who invented the wheel? A big question that needs many arguments, debates and discussions that often swing in favor of one side or the other. From the Ancient Tablets at Ur in Mesopotamia, it is the Potter's wheel, which is considered as the earliest invention (3500 B.C). The use of the wheel for transportation is stated to have been on Mesopotamian chariots 3200 B.C. But, it is a big surprise when we accept that the earliest wheels were made of a solid piece of wood. If we agree with the former argument that Mesopotamia was the earliest to use the wheel for their transportation it has to be construed that the Mesopotamian's used wood also. But, there is no evidence to prove the use of wood was prevalent in Mesopotamia. If if take the ancient tests of various other religions we come across many instances where mentions have been made of the Circular objects and wheels. This is one of the most intriguing topic on which no consenses can be arrived at by any educated and religious scholars.
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@Dishari (698)
28 Apr 16
Very interesting topic indeed! History never fails to intrigue us. What's more intriguing about this is that when we do not know the answer, we tend to be amazed at the possibilities!
@shivamani10 (11168)
• Hyderabad, India
28 Apr 16
@Yogika yes. Do You know about Barbareek? He is Bhima's son. Actually, if he had participated in the battle of Kurukshetra he would have defeated the enemies in as less a time than that would have taken in aiming the three arrows he had. Just with the help of 3 arrows. one arrow for marking, the second one for protecting the army of his side and the third one for destroying the opponents. Our science, if we on these lines seems to be totally useless. Our space crafts are nothing but a higHER application of DIWALI ROCKETS.