Got My Nap!

@IvySaysHi (4344)
United States
April 28, 2016 5:12pm CST
I was feeling so incredibly tired a half hour ago that I decided to try and get in a 10 minute neap while my son was distracted by youtube videos. I am pretty sure I slept for about 20 minutes. I feel great now, but now my son is napping and it is 6pm. I am gonna let him nap until about 6:25pm and pray he doesn't stay up all night. Do you take small naps and wake up feeling great? Or do you wake up feeling worse than before?
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@imravi (2363)
• India
28 Apr 16
The concept of short time nap comes in my life at the time of exams.. at that time I usually use that technique a lot... lol
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• United States
28 Apr 16
I guess it really depends on how much activity I've done for that day, and how tired I am. If I'm really tired, even 20 minutes has me feeling refreshed. If I am exhausted, but not really physically tired, then yeah I tend to be a bit groggy when I awaken.
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@ladylaura89 (1410)
• Manchester, England
28 Apr 16
all the time and with my baby bring silly i need it lol.
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