30 Day writing challenge some one who fascinates me

By Jen
@polyxena (2569)
Sturgis, Michigan
May 1, 2016 9:16pm CST
That would probably be my grandma despite the fact that she's not here anymore. My grandma was so strong, and so selfless. There' probably more people I could chose from. But my grandma was the first person that came to my mind. People would go to her house, if they saw something of hers that they liked she'd just give it to them. She didn't judge people, and was always so kind. I remember people coming over and she wasn't content until someone had a snack like a cookie, or some kind of cake. And when I talk about strength. I mean physical and emotional. Not like she could lift single buildings, but like me she was told when she was in her baby making years that she couldn't have children, and from what my mom remembers my grandma always had some kind of stomach pain, though she didn't verbalize her pain often, and shrugged it off like nothing was wrong. She raised 6 kids, and had to deal with my uncle the many times he was in jail, and took all of that in stride. She acted like nothing was wrong with her. One of my best friends, was my grandma and she was one of those people that fascinated me.
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2 May 16
Aw that is very sweet. I can read through your post that she was someone very special to you. :) She reminds me a little of my mom. My mom is very strong, but she always likes to feed people something too. :)
@polyxena (2569)
• Sturgis, Michigan
2 May 16
I can't reread what I wrote without crying.