So do I get up and drive or not?

@Jackalyn (6879)
Oxford, England
May 3, 2016 10:10pm CST
It's 4.02 am. I have to be in Birmingham by 9.30. That's 73 miles and I don't want to be in traffic. I'm lying in bed wondering if I should get up and miss the rush hour. Will I fall asleep in the meeting I am going to? Will I be fit to drive back? I take been awake since I hate sleepless nights, don't you?
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@miniam (9233)
• Bern, Switzerland
4 May 16
Hope your meeting went well,73 miles is not that far so i would not start so early,you get there too early then you sit there being bored to tears.
@Jackalyn (6879)
• Oxford, England
5 May 16
I did go early. I did have a long boring wait till others arrived. However I am glad I went!
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