What is the stuff of life for you?

@As_Far (73)
May 6, 2016 2:59am CST
Last winter I was in Kargil, a place where a fearsome war was fought approximately 15 years ago. This is a location 2600m above mean sea level and the temperatures there in the middle of the day was at best -14 * C and nights were easily around -25. Three months from then I was posted in Oman in the desert for another task which required me to work at the peak of the day when the sun was on my head and it also happened to be summer. Initially it was fun but soon I hated it the heat of the desert and the chills of the mountain top I wanted to be back in my metropolitan. To make things clear I am a civil engineer b profession and occupation and we have projects in interesting/weird places. As I returned to my office here in a polluted capital of Delhi I found myself yearning to go back the same places I felt I was cursed to be. I wonder what is that dictate such emotions, we consider life to be always beyond what we have!
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@Daljinder (22181)
• India
6 May 16
You learned the significance of both places.