Women scorne!

September 7, 2006 6:33am CST
Can a man ever recover from a issue that leaves a women ready to hack of that part we as guys hold so dear? Did it, did not not do it, to them does it realy matter? Tools are things that most us guys use to either fix somthing or to make money. Funny thing is , a tool is suposed to fix things right? Women on the other hand make tools, tools of guilt and tourture for us guys. Past should be nothing but that, the past, tool #1 the most comman tool used by women. Having a friend , tool #2 , the guy or guys that you may hang with that makes you "cheat",HAHA,right. I have many tools in my shed of guilt and self pitty That for some reason have done nothing but collect rust!! Would it not be nice to pule out the old tools? May as well do so , you`ve been told that you have anyway!
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• United States
17 Sep 06
No, women traumatize men for life.