Magic: Positive or Negative
Allahabad, India
May 7, 2016 5:11am CST
"Magic" the word that makes you feel amazing,empowers your imagination,runs happiness and makes you sure that everything is possible. In the world, everyone use this word to prove one's this is special i.e. magic of voice, magic of beauty, magic of positive thinking etc. Even companies use this word to make their advertisement more impressive. So I can say now this word is really powerful. In India I have seen how people react on this word. They have different meanings for this word, If a company says magic that means its good thing, TV says magic, its a good thing but when a person says magic and try to show something related to this they afraid of magic hahahah. Why do they afraid of magic? Because they have only one thing in their mind and that is Black Magic! This kind of magic is supposed to hurt people. Here we have to make it clear to everyone that there are many types of magic. Black- Brown - White! And one more that is only a performing art. You call it tricks! I perform magic Tricks and I don't know about Black- brown or white magic.Even I exposed those who pretended as superhuman or psychic. They were using some simple science. Hence I found most of Gurus, Babas, Psychics or witches are fraud and they have nothing like superpowers. These people are spreading negative meaning of magic. I say Magicians are even better than these people, A magician entertains, makes you happy and leaves a positive message for society. Magic is really broad and more to research, so I am seeing forward to get more out of this. One or two page writing can not contain the whole thing in detail. I have tried to display an outline and thing I found while performing and researching magic. I'll write more on this topic soon. Hope you will enjoy!
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