Dream Guy

May 7, 2016 9:00am CST
I had a dream about a man every now and then, sometimes we were in a beach which we are sitted in a big rocks, all of the places we've been in my dreams are far from what I've known in my area. ^_^ (I've been to many places in my dreams, I wish in real life too :P )... Actually, I know what he looks like, his voice, how he treated me is way like i'm his girl and maybe if I will meet someone alike I will sure recognize him. One time it feels just like in the past where our conversations were all about promises, make me blush just thinking about it. ^_^ He's too sweet. In every dream I have about him what I feel is REALITYand we used to have a short conversations about things. One time I was shock when he told me "The guy you thought was me, sorry but that guy isn't me, I'm way too handsome than he is.", Lol, it was unbelievable I can't believe he knows what's on my mind. I feel like we had the same dream at the same time, wherever he is. I hope he really had. I don't know what our relationship is or will be, but I feel like I'm going to meet him in the future. Maybe? I'm usually not a very spiritual person, but this has really made me start questioning about things. that's why I've tried the card reading 'thingy', I never asked about it but she brings up this question. "Have you been dreaming about something you're not sure of? If yes, his name has J & R." ... I ask how did she know? I even said I haven't dream about something. But still she insisted that's what the card was trying to say. Has anyone of you experienced this? Do you think this has to do with reincarnation "thingy"? or angels?
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7 May 16
Finally! You've written your first Discussion. Congratulations!
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7 May 16
haha yeah!...