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May 8, 2016 5:04am CST
Everyday every one goes through so many things...some time we immediately react to it and sometime we just ignore... I was going with my mom to market and two boys came on bike...one of them came down and came from behind ...he grabbed my moms gold chain she was wearing and pulled so hard that it broke and my mom fell down...he ran to the bike and they rode away in speed... I cried out loud for help...now as we were in shock as what has happened...at the same time I was looking for my mom if she has gotten hurt.. people gathered and said this is like everyday now...even police complaint was filled by some but still no action. I don't know...if I should ignore and move more cautiously or do something about it. it was very hard time ... felt like a very long one...
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8 May 16
Oh...i feel sorry for your mom. Last March, my gold necklace was snatched.I was speechless because it happened so fast. Later i found i had scracthes on my neck.
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8 May 16
Oh my god...feels terrible chain snatching is happening too much
@toniganzon (53346)
• Philippines
8 May 16
I'm so sorry to hear that. Is your mom ok?
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8 May 16
She got little scratches on her neck and hands...
@zarlamain (24885)
• United States
9 May 16
Same thing happened with my aunt and we were all very shocked. She went to the outdoor market with her husband and some guy pulled her gold chain off from behind and ran away with it. She filed a police complaint and there was no action. Police stated that the thief had probably already sold the gold chain through the black market, so it will be hard to trace and returned. I am sorry to hear what happened to your mother and you. I hope your family stays safe. There are a lot of thugs in this world. Just so unfortunate.