A road beat up my little car car

@sallypup (29244)
Moses Lake, Washington
May 9, 2016 12:40am CST
We headed out and not too late, either. I had our route to the town just north of us all figured out. We were going to a play cause it was fun to have something to do on Mom's day. We got about fifteen miles north then I steered the car down road headed toward the town. Oh crud. Oh whoops. The danged road was a total horror. And a huge sign: no through traffic. So if we turned around and started all over and heading down another way we would be at least half an hour late for a live performance. Not going to work. I told hubby to hold on. For how long? he wanted to know. I said: Oh only about twenty miles or so. Down we went. Our two door, four cylinder car bumped and groaned on unpaved, graveled wash board road surfaces. I drove pretty slow and prayed that the shocks held up for the duration and after, too. We were about five minutes late and yes, we had a bit of trouble getting in to the play but we did it. Sorry for the noise and disruption, dear audience. We had unplanned road woes!
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@Rohvannyn (3117)
• United States
11 May 16
Ha ha, good for you. You'd LOVE Nevada. Some of the "state highways" are just gravel.
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@sallypup (29244)
• Moses Lake, Washington
11 May 16
@Rohvannyn Some of that road was scary. The long downhill with not so great traction.