Duterte, A Person Misunderstood by the World

Davao, Philippines
May 10, 2016 8:10am CST
Looking at the Philippines' news media, Duterte is portrayed as a person without the grace and intelligence befitting that of a 'holy' President. He's a tough talker and freely uses words without filter especially during his campaigns as he was running for the position of president. However, the media have left out a lot of things about Mayor Duterte. Mostly reports are about the media person's opinion at face value and his background as a mayor of 22 years. They have left out the fact that Mayor Duterte transformed a criminal infested city--one or more of its events, shocking the world-- a hellhole, into one of the safest city to live in, in the entire world. They also left out most of his achievements that he had helped protect the city's women and children, young and old, maintained peace between Christians and Muslims, kept mining businesses from drastically decreasing our forests and trees and maintained and upgraded key government buildings and facilities to help the poor, promote equality between the rich, the average earners and those who are really floored because of our economy. In short, the media never stated Mayor Duterte's plight in keeping a crumbling city from disappearing from the map and instead not only maintained its economy and ecosystem for more than 2 decades but brought it up to become a progressive and competent city in the Philippines. In contrast, the media had also left out many other things about the current president. But that is for another story. The current president's performance isn't very pristine as how it is made out to be. And why do you think that is the situation? Because the president had the influence, the money and the family to back him, while the mayor doesn't--and if I know the mayor, he could care less about his image and would just like to enjoy his retirement away from the media. The current leader of this country lacked the qualities a true leader should posses. The qualities that Duterte has, that the current one doesn't. Humility; The senses of reality and responsibility; The ability to improve; To still be teachable; Maturity and the chaotic history that will break or make the man. People call it leadership. Personally, I call it the guts of a "Godfather". I keep on mentioning, Duterte is like Mario Puzo's version of the Godfather. While the protagonist in the story is faced with the conflict to protect his family and in doing what he knows is right, almost the same could be said for Rody Duterte. Why? Because Duterte looks at each Filipino as his family. But his actions, based from his records--which aren't acknowledged by the media and shown to the public--are through legal means, as he is the mayor and not the mafia that owned the local government. They portray him as the Punisher, someone above the law and so many of the ignorant populace of Philippines believes the worst in him. Michael Corleone and Duterte stuck with their decisions to do what they think they have to do especially when the situations calls for it. They think two steps or more ahead causing them to be decisive in drastic situations while others are floundering about on what to do. They have the minds of tacticians. They have sophistication covered behind a face or behavior that fools any who cannot fathom in the same level as they do--This usually causes them to become impatient with those who are around them because they cannot keep up--and so the reason why curses leave their lips as easily as a natural liar. Duterte's methods might seem drastic to many. But they usually turn out to be a brilliant move. Like how a general, through countless calculations, sends a command like 1-2-3 to his army and claim victory while his enemies are still figuring out how they had lost the battle. They tend to keep things simple, clean and achievable--so that people who are not in the same caliber as they can understand and execute the commands well. And the collective goal is achieved.
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@flipitup (122)
• Iloilo, Philippines
10 May 16
I live in Iloilo and I've been to Davao a few times... Iloilo is a much nicer place compared to davao, the malls are better, the night life is crazy, you get to visit more shopping places and the hotels are affordable and nice but I really really and really want to live in Davao. Davao is indeed a very safe place to live. According to my relatives who live there, there are no reports about phone snatchings, riding in tandem thieves and all those usual crimes happening all over Philippines. The people are very friendly as well, they are organized and obedient. All that because of Duterte...
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@thelme55 (15229)
• Germany
12 May 16
Davao is indeed a safe place to live that is why the people there are relaxed and calm besides being friendly.
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@sunrisefan (21553)
• Philippines
10 May 16
Hope this reaches a wider audience. Did not vote for any presidential candidate but believe Duterte can do the job.
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@Metatronik (5923)
• Pasay, Philippines
27 Jul 16
First of all we cannot really please everybody about appreciating Duterte we have different understanding towards every people. I actually disagree on comparing Pnoy and Duterte whereas they have different types of leadership in terms of governance, strategies, focus, as well as both weaknesses and strength in which Duterte confessed that he is not into economy but focusing on crimes. I just don't like how other supporters or I may call them as Dutertards that instead of enlightening other people more and more about him of how he governs as Mayor they are always bragging about him to the point that they are giving him negative impression to other people. More so they are cursing other people that they must be raped, killed and other form of harms if they don't like Duterte. I just cannot imagine how they brag and glorify Duterte as a Messiah, this is the thing that turns me off I was worried about his followers. I understand how other supporters see him as the best solution to the entire Philippines although I am seeing post on facebook expressing their regret for voting him as President after the extra judicial killings and after seeing his real attitude. I myself is worrying about the repercussion of what he is saying especially in terms of foreign relations. Now that he is the President of the Republic of the Philippines I am also hoping for the change of our fellowmen instead of focusing to his fanaticism. The change is still within all of us.