Why Four Leaf Clover is lucky?

@shivamani10 (11201)
Hyderabad, India
May 12, 2016 6:35am CST
The four cloer is considered lucky by many and I happened to see many spending money in camps and forests in search of a four clover. Whether they got luck or not is not a question though, they had the rich experience of spending in nature during full moon days. Finding four clover is luck because it is very rare as per general belief. Others say that it is lucky because Adam carried it out of Garden of Eden. According to estimates there is only one four-leaf clover for 10,000 three-leaf clover. The restriction is that while picking it up one should not smell it.
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@Hate2Iron (7967)
• Canada
12 May 16
How interesting that if you find one... you are not supposed to smell it. I didn't know that!!
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@MALUSE (42544)
• Germany
12 May 16
Another superstition that doesn't die.
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@scheng1 (24748)
• Singapore
12 May 16
I would rather find it, make it into a book mark or something and then sell it to those who believe in such tales.
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