Could you?

United States
May 15, 2016 7:02pm CST
Do you think you could go without any electronics for a whole month? Do you think it would be easy? No cell phones, no computers etc.
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@MGjhaud (20865)
• Philippines
16 May 16
is it a paid sacrifice? i know i would be able to survive without them.
@JohnRoberts (64879)
• Los Angeles, California
16 May 16
I also have done it on vacations. I could do it in normal life except business etc forces us to use technology even if we don't want to.
@marguicha (103710)
• Chile
16 May 16
I´d do it (and have done it) on vacations. A stroll by the seashore can compensate the butt pain of my chair at the den
@rina110383 (24069)
16 May 16
Yes, I can. I'm not addicted to either so there would be no problems for me in case there would be no electronics for a month. My survival & existence do not depend on electronics anyway.
@Jdaw1985 (3990)
• Harrells, North Carolina
16 May 16
I know i could. Well it would be hard with out one all the way. But i play games on my phone even if it is not active. But if the money was right i would but i would have to be able to get in contact with my family. All we have are the cell phones to keep up with them.