The Friendly Rodent

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@Ceerios (4748)
Goodfellow, Texas
May 16, 2016 12:12pm CST
The Friendly Rodent You all know that kid's song that begins, "Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day..." Well now, it is raining down on us really hard - and today is another day. Sure enough, it has been raining around here for too many days, and the mean old weatherman promises many more days like this to come. Therefore I have chosen to gabble on about something that is lots of fun - fun for you-know-who anyway. I mentioned to you all the other day about my downloading of an ISO copy of the computer operating system, Linux MX-14. Atop my posting of that earlier (and lousy) post I put an image of the computer screen that I used to cruise in on MyLot with the MX-14 stuff. Obviously, I messed up the whole posting - the header image stunk and the text below the picture had no odor to it whatsoever. Nobody commented on that post, and, likely, no one with any common sense even read the thing. Rather than being disappointed by that, I commend the lot of you here on MyLot for your intelligent inattention. Fact is, I am not going to read the post again myself. This post, the one that you are reading right now, is different. It has an interesting header image that, not too strangely, has nothing to do with Linux Operating System ISO MX-14. (Wouldn't you know?) Also, the text says next to nothing about the Linux stuff. (Providential, to be sure...) Here is my description of that operating system. I learned pretty much all that I needed to learn about the system in my first minute of turning it loose in the old (really old) computer box. Never have I come across a computer operating system that was so easy and friendly to use. This is what it said in the user manual. As soon as I did what the manual told me to do, the whole wide computer world opened up its doors and let me enter and get going. "Remember, the right hand mouse click is your friend".
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