Hunterxhunter manga

May 17, 2016 3:53am CST
Hey fellow otaku out there hehe. Hunter x hunter is now back in action. The continuation of the new world arc, It will be awesome to see kurapika in action. And at the moment chrollo and hisoka are fighting. Any thoughts of how will be the fight be? xD
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@Hanyouyomi (1948)
• Dallas, Texas
20 Jun 16
Okay, I'm 10 years behind on the HunterxHunter manga, so.... Chrollo's still alive? You mean to say Kurapika hasn't eradicated all of the Phantom Troupe yet? And Hisoka in all that time still has yet to fight Chrollo? And wait, they're ABOUT TO?! And y'know that's all the questions I'mma ask, cuz I don't want spoilers....
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20 Jun 16
haha should I answer that now? xD :P
• Philippines
17 May 16
No matter how awesome Hisoka is, I believe Chrollo will win. Based on his powers, specialties, and that damned awesome look - he won it all already. Ha ha. I actually am not yet finished on the anime and I stopped reading the manga version now, but I hope it will be finished soon so I can read and watch it at the same time.
17 May 16
haha the drawing is a bit off unlike the drawing last 2 years but it is still an awesome series. xD well, chrollo is in the upper hand right now but you know hisoka he's a bit crazy when fighting. Who knows who will pull off the fight :D