My New Normal

May 21, 2016 12:44pm CST
I never dreamed I would be facing the day that I would admit one of my children to a hospital because they were suicidal, at this point I am grateful that my son was strong enough to come to me and tell me that as he said it "my life is not worth living", I am also thankful that I had training at the beginning of this school year for suicide awareness and knew what to do. I did not take him to the hospital as soon as he said it, in fact my first step was to take him to the school counselor and have him do a suicide threat assessment, which determined that he was at a high risk of suicide, he had a plan. The part that confused everyone, including me, is my son, we will call him Chase, is very outgoing, is energetic,, popular, athletic, and always making everyone laugh. I guess its true that you have to worry about what they are covering up. My kids have always been able to come to me with anything, I allow them to talk to me, to be honest about what is going on, to talk with no judgement, and without me giving them a hard time. If not I can't imagine what my new normal would look like. So today, two months after my son being in the hospital we are having more good days than bad days, and we seem to have his adhd medicine and depression medicine regulated. Finally.
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• Waltham, Massachusetts
27 May 16
Wow I'm so sorry this happened to you and your son. It's great that after all the challenges you both have come out of it on the other side in a better place than when it began. My son is autistic, diabetic, asthmatic, and allergic and he's has his ups and downs throughout his life because of health issues, divorce, and being molested. He sees a counselor regularly and has been since 4th grade and he's in 6th now. There was 1 incident where he threatened to cut himself with a knife at his throat but he never went through with it. His dad and I called a crisis team and it all worked out ok. It had to be scary for your son to come to you and feel what he felt and for you to hear that when you thought things were ok. Things aren't always what they seem and that makes it difficult. God bless you and your son.
@trivia79 (7888)
• El Segundo, California
21 May 16
is your son been into a trauma before? like, been bullied?
@adelynnn (66)
21 May 16
I'm so thankful that your son has you. Your presence and support must have meant so much too him too :) Keep going!
• Greece
21 May 16
This must be a great concern for you, but as your son came to you and now gets help all the signs are good.