(ab)Normal Friends?

By Ade
May 21, 2016 12:57pm CST
Ever since I got out of the psych ward close to half a year ago many of my friends have been advising me to keep in minimal contact with my new-found friends from the unit because they're afraid that my "mentally ill" friends may influence me negatively and cause me to be stuck in this hellhole. I don't want to lose my old friends because they've been very supportive throughout this journey, but I don't want to give up my new friends also because I feel like they understand me better than anyone else does, and that we can support each other, we know the emergency hotlines and each other's doctors, there's no reason to be not accountable. But my "old" friends think otherwise. How can I convince them that my new friends, besides being diagnosed (like I am), are still normal people who I enjoy hanging out with?
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@trivia79 (7887)
• El Segundo, California
21 May 16
are you an abnormal? by the way, what is your definition of 'abnormal'?
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@shubhu3 (24180)
• New Delhi, India
21 May 16
Well may be you should make them introduce to your new friends and make them see how supportive and good they are.
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@Shavkat (67248)
• Philippines
30 May 16
If they are really supportive, why do they need to limit you as a person in the society. I think it can be balance between old and new friends.
@bslash (9)
22 May 16
think this situation in this way--- if your old friends think that you new friends, who have same problem like you do (mentally ill) may influence you negatively then they think the same for you because you also have the same problem (mentally ill). if they think that your new friends are bad influence to you then they might also think that you are also a bad influence to them. so convince them by saying that"if you guys don't like my new friends then you won't like me either because I am like them"... In this way emotionally blackmail them into liking your new friends... ;-)
• Riverside, California
21 May 16
It sounds to me like your "old" friends are either a bit jealous of your new friends or lack understanding. I would have a very serious sit down with them and explain to them why you feel it's essential to have this new group of people in your life. It is important to surround yourself with understanding people in times like these. If your friends cannot understand or accept your choices, they might need to rethink their idea of friendship. I would explain to them that your support system should have no baring on your friendship.