@shivamani10 (11185)
Hyderabad, India
May 23, 2016 8:31am CST
Curry leave known to India since eons. There is no cooking item in India, especially South India, where this small and tender leaves are not used both for smell and taste. Does it bring taste also? Yes. It does. I realized it only while preparing RASAM. It gives both taste and smell to the item. The leaves are rich source of Vitamin.A.and hence gives protection against eveloping cateract. The leaves are loaded with folicacid and as such they help fights against anemica. They are anti-diabetic and keeps a check on sugar levels. Improves digestion as it has got anti-inflammatory benefits. They also have got anti-bacterial properties and anti-oxidant properties and figh against skin infections.It is very effective for hairfall treatment.
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@Chungshop (2359)
23 May 16
Yes we add curry leaves in making curry soup, tom yam soup and other dishes. To make ore tasty Besides in food , leaf contain other medicinal value also. But I never try the leave alone. .