You know those medicine ads on t.v.?

Dallas, Texas
May 23, 2016 11:25pm CST
I have seen enough medicine ads from powerful and mega giant pharmaceuticals to fill my head up with tons of side effects to last a lifetime. But what flares me to the last raw nerve is the one that is about that purple pill that helps with acid rebound or GERD. This is a medication I have been taking for years and I have had some cases where I was wondering which one of the medications I am taking might be causing a raise in my blood creatinine? The level of creatinine which is a byproduct of the kidney's process to get rid of the protein in the blood from red meats and heavy exercise which can increase the readings from blood tests, but I digress. The drug that is called a PPI or proton pump inhibitor is said, according to an advertisement from television in a class action lawsuit to the effect that the three main PPI drugs, Prevacid, Pepecid AC and Nexium all cause some degree of kidney damage and can lead to death. Then tonight when my wife and I were enjoying an episode of Person of Interest and some other shows were being aired, it so happens that a commercial about the purple pill came up about Nexium being highly recommended against hearburn for a period of up to 24 hours. But, besides this being one of the drugs in question and I have issues about this drug now due to my own levels of creatinine in my latest blood tests at my doctor's office, I noticed that the Nexium commercial doesn't in any way, shape or form talk about the side effects of the drug and this is inconsistent with most other t.v. advertisements about various drugs and their possible adverse side effects from their use. is Nexium a dangerous drug or is the ad about it being dangerous to take a false advertisement? I would gather it is more wise for me to avoid this drug and all other PPI drugs in this class until more research has been done. I once thought Lithium was the cause of the elevation of creatinine but now I feel like the ad on t.v. indicates that the PPI for GERD is the culprit. Am I a human lab rat for big Pharmaceutical or do they actually test these drugs before putting them on the market for millions to risk taking?
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@jstory07 (68275)
• Roseburg, Oregon
24 May 16
All I know is I would rather have the disease than deal with the side effects from them.
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@norcal (3215)
• Nevada City, California
24 May 16
I have asthma. I would rather take the medicine than not be able to breathe.
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• Dallas, Texas
24 May 16
@norcal Certainly. Not all medications are dangerous to use when used as directed by a physician. it's the experimental stuff they push and pay bonus checks to doctors to push on the patients that I am not happy with. I know that asthma is a serious life threatening condition if not properly treated. You are wise to use your inhaler. or medicine for it. I take an over the counter antihistamine myself called Allegra and it's cousin when available, Claritin.
@xstitcher (11807)
• Petaluma, California
24 May 16
Oh, brother. I just started taking that "purple" stuff...