Trust is a Tricky Thing

United States
May 26, 2016 1:55am CST
I recently read a post that i wanted to weigh in on in a longer post than just a comment. A comment I read said "I feel these things for her so she should feel them for me." I wanted to say something about it, because just telling a woman she should be in love, or trust someone simply because he does, doesnt always work out. I'm a long distance relationship, Trust is everything, and feeling that she should trust you because you trust her isn't what it's about. Provingshe can trust you and giving action to your words are. Answering a text or phone call as quickly as possible, or texting when you can just to say you're thinking about her go a long way toward building that trust. She may already trust you, but keeping your word and showing through actions how you feel keep the fires burning even when you can't see each other every day. I'm not in a long distance relationship right now, but we are still in a situation where we don't see each other much. So keeping those lines of communication open are so important when building on a foundation. What do you think? Weigh in with your thoughts .
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• Jacksonville, Florida
26 May 16
Your absolutely right, trust and communication are huge in any relationship. Without those things you have no relationship.
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@ridingbet (60735)
• Philippines
26 May 16
i agree with you. communication and trust should go hand in hand
• United Kingdom
26 May 16
Absolutely. Foundation is the same as roots, not the kind of roots like the background in which you are brought up, but similar. A lot of people think Yin and Yang exists with couples and to a large extent it does. But also individualism counts for a lot as well as remaining independent but together. There's a lot of compromises there and if there is no communication put in place for the growing respect to develop, you may as well as stand on a hill and send smoke signals.