How to combat coronavirus causing common cold?

May 27, 2016 12:41am CST
Common cold is a common disease which occurs in many households. Corona virus causes it. The symptoms include a runny nose, a scratchy throat and non-stop sneezing. there is also rhino virus which causes common cold. There are no direct medicines for common cold. Affected persons can use tulsi leaves and honey, make a paste of them and have them. There are cough syrups like Grillingtus, but they are useful if the virus affects the throats and cough as well.
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27 May 16
I have been suffering from Chronic rhinitis for years. Like I have a cold everyday. T_T
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27 May 16
Thanks Wonder, common cold is common in everyone. It is infectious, it comes from other friends and neighbours. You can make a mix of tulsi leaves and honey. Try it.