Ignorance is Bliss !!

Greater Noida, India
May 27, 2016 9:36am CST
Do you really feel that ignorance is Bliss ? I feel sometimes it is bliss to be ignorant, but sometimes things become nasty when you remain ignorant. Children are always ignorant. They remain ignorant to speeding cars on the roads and germs that can be present everywhere . Hence, they are in a state which is pure bliss. The moment they will come to know or rather understand the consequences of an accident by a speeding vehicle or what germs can do to them, they will not be in that same Blissful state. For us, who have children, Ignorance can never be Bliss 'cause it will bring too many nasty things and we will have to cope with it. Share on Tumblr
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• Manhattan, New York
27 May 16
I agree with your comment. Nevertheless, I think some ignorance may be beneficial. For instance, the causes of many phobias result from the constant awareness of an event or object. Drawing from your example, many OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) patients are constantly aware of the presence of germs in the environment, hence, their obsessive nature of hygiene. I think in some rare cases ignorance may be beneficial.
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