Happy Memorial Day Weekend

@slund2041 (3377)
United States
May 28, 2016 10:30am CST
Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone. I hope this finds you all doing well and having fun with your family. My husband and I are not doing anything special this weekend. I had a lot of housework to get done yesterday (Friday) while I was waiting for the Internet-phone technician. It was a good time for me to get it done, while I had no internet. LOL We have been without a house phone for two days, and almost that long without the internet. We were the last call of the day for the technician, but he got us temporary online. They are going to have to come back in a few days to rework the wiring, to give us a more permanent connection. I will be glad when it is all completed. We have the internet now, but it is so much slower than we use to have before it went down. I did not realize just how much I depend on Wi-Fi until it had disappeared the other night. I could not get on this site or my other work at home sites. I could not surf the internet, or watch Netflix. I then thought I would listen to music, but that could not happen either because I listen to music via Wi-Fi through Pandora or YouTube. WOW! I forgot about turning on the FM radio station. LOL, It is amazing just how messed up with how come with all these moderating conveniences of electronics. Today (Saturday), I am about to go shopping for tires for our truck. The tires we have on are in terrible shape, and I would not like to be beside the road with a bad tire. What are your plans this Memorial Day Weekend?
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@JudyEv (125814)
• Bunbury, Australia
29 May 16
Being without WiFi is nearly as bad as being without electricity. I'm always getting caught when the power goes off. I think 'I'll just do the ironing' but of course, that's out - and so is just about everything else.
@jaboUK (54435)
• United Kingdom
28 May 16
It's not Memorial Day for us, but Monday is Whitsun Bank holiday. We are going to a country show if the weather is reasonable. Funny that you didn't think to turn on your radio. Have a lovely weekend.
• United States
28 May 16
So sorry to hear of your internet troubles Slund. That is a terrible pain..I read so much about people having this problem too a lot of our friends on here including myself at times. Yet I read they are going to run a 'cable' under the ocean to connect internet to wherever..lolz Not doing a thing here for Memorial Day weekend..I may go over to my Moms later but I have been with her everyday looking after her right now..she is gravely ill. Anyway, hope you have a lovely weekend and hope you get a good deal on tires.
• Jacksonville, Florida
28 May 16
It is amazing how much we all depend on the internet these days! I hope you find new tires for your truck. I hope you have a good weekend as well. We have my husband's cousin and her family over today and tomorrow we will go to church like always. =)