A true love story part 5

May 31, 2016 11:42am CST
After Rushale has returned from abroad,he wanted to meet jasmine and jasmine too wanted to meet him.one day he called her and he told her that he came back and is now rich bachelor just the way she wanted.Jasmine was glad to hear this but since she has changed her man of dreams now from rich to simple so she wanted to tell him this.They decided to meet each other for dinner next day.Since both haven't seen each other so they thought that they are going to wear a dress of common colour.They wore red colour.They went to a restaurant to meet each other.Jasmine dressed up like the way he liked her.She wore red saree and had put a flower on the bun and she dressed up beautifully.Oon the other hand ,Rushale dressed up like a rich entrepreneur in a red shirt and pant with goggles and his gold carrat watch.He was now no more a simple guy.When jasmine reached the restaurant,she entered inside and suddenly by mistakenly,she pour a drink on a guy who was standing just beside her.This guy insulted her and infact behaved rudely with her.She ran away from there crying all the way.This guy was Rushale.Neither did he know that she is jasmine nor did she.Without meeting each other both of them went back home.They messaged each other at night saying sorry to each other for not meeting.when both shared their same story to each other,then they realised that they actually met each other but their meeting was quite unhealthy.They couldn't recognise each other even after wearing common colour dress because all the people in the restaurant wore the same colour.They were celebrating some kind of occasion that day.Destiny again played with them.They decided to meet each other next day.This time they knew each other's face already.when they met each other then they hugged and kissed each other.They had lunch together,danced and also went to have some fun outside.Rushale proposed her and this time jasmine didn't say yes rather she refused the proposal.Rushale asked her the reason to this and she told him that she want a simple guy now.She dont like luxuries now instead she like and love someone else now.all this while she was waiting for him to come back so that she can tell him that now she like someone else.to be continued..
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1 Jun 16
Interesting... would he give up all the luxuries for Jasmine now to become a simple person again? And who is that someone else?
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1 Jun 16
Read the next part to know your answers
2 Jun 16
@Divyanshi45 hey when is the next part?