A true love story part 6

June 7, 2016 2:28am CST
Now that someone else has entered jasmine's life and Rushale doesn't know anything about it until Jasmine confronts him herself.She told him that she likes someone else and his name is Marshal.He is her father's friend's son and her father wants her to marry him..Actually jasmine doesn't like Marshal but she is doing so for her father..Her father likes Marshal as his son in law.She can't tell the truth to Rushale but she can't live without him.Marshal is a guy who is flirtatious and selfish.He just pretends to be good and calm but actually he is contrary to this.Rushale is heartbroken.This time he has changed and he decides to take revenge from jasmine for all that she did to him,the way she used him and threw him out of her life.He acys like a villanious plotter.He plans to ruin her life and the way he finds is dangerous.He decides to kill Marshal on the day of their bethrotal.Jasmine's day of wedding is coming closer and Rushale keeps on plotting each day.On the day of wedding,Marshal goes out to buy the wedding gift but he doesn't come back.He was kidnapped by Rushale.
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7 Jun 16
Good movie
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7 Jun 16
Its not a movie dear its a story and I am telling it in parts so that I can catch the curiosity of few to know the end