X ray, Gamma ray, Infrared space telescopes make viewing the stars more clearly.

Dallas, Texas
June 9, 2016 11:59am CST
The dust and clouds of the milky way and the universe in galactic clusters is so dense that normal light is distorted so enter the X-ray telescope. The X-ray wavelength removes the visible light that distorts stars and galaxies to enable astronomers a clearer picture of the appearance and location of points of light with far more clarity than without this technology. Moreover there is a new telescope with what is called infrared technology, not the same as X-ray but still very useful in seeing stars with more clarity. One space telescope in particular that makes this happen is listed below in a link: http://jwst.nasa.gov/faq.html It's called The James Webb Space Telescope.
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@ricki_911 (20070)
• Toronto, Ontario
9 Jun 16
I love looking at the different constalations. I love going out to a field and laying there for hours.
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• Dallas, Texas
9 Jun 16
You are lucky to do this. Being out in the country is better than in the city. You can't see hardly any stars from where I live.