do you smoke?

November 25, 2006 1:09am CST
How do you feel if someone smokes around you?
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@Undefeated (4792)
• Singapore
25 Nov 06
never ...
• China
16 Dec 06
I do not smoke , and I hate some one smoking around me. I always feel sick when i breathe the second hand smoke. the good thing is taht there are fewer and fewer people smoking nowadays.
@mr_ilham (1611)
• Indonesia
16 Dec 06
cx - d
no att all is not goo for body thanks ;-) see u
@rmx2006 (443)
• Malaysia
16 Dec 06
i feel uncomfortable .. really :D
• Egypt
15 Dec 06
Noooooooooooooo at all.
• Malaysia
15 Dec 06
No. I am not a smoker and I never smoke. I am sure my boy friend will not like a smoker. I think that a girl smoking is not attractive and look like bad girl. Beside this, smoking absolutely not good to our health and may cause many types of cancer, slow our reaction, heart problems, AIDs and many more. wasting money is another issue. Somebody said that they can enjoy by smooking, I am not sure because I never try it but I think there are many other ways to relax instead of smoking.
@victor78 (1081)
• Malaysia
2 Dec 06
no. I am not a smoker. Smoking is really bad. It can cause lung cancer and lots of other desease not only to the smoker but also to the people near the smoker. Recently a report show that more than 75 % AIDS carrier are smoker. Even there are no prove showing that smoke can cause AIDS but i strongly believe that there are connection between smoking and AIDS. One more things is that smoking wasting a lot of mioney. For your own good or for your family, STOP SMOKING if you are a smoker.
@leomar297 (621)
• France
25 Nov 06
I don't smoke.
@jhawithu (1070)
• India
25 Nov 06
@lena2000 (2392)
• Belgium
25 Nov 06
i have no problem with that because i am a smoker myself and my girlfriend also
@yainal (1729)
• Germany
25 Nov 06
i smoke.. so, it doesn't matter.. ^_^
• United States
25 Nov 06
I smoke the occaisonal Blacc and Mild.