Have You Seen a Ghost?

@zebra2222 (5171)
United States
June 10, 2016 9:57pm CST
Have you seen a ghost? Okay, it sounds absurd. Honestly, who has ever really seen a ghost? We may have seen one in the movies. I saw Casper and it was a fun movie to watch. However, I have never seen a ghost. The better question would be, "Have you ever felt that you were in the presence of a ghost?" Now this becomes a harder question to answer. Perhaps you felt that something was moving in the house and you couldn't find a reason for this to happen. Maybe you thought you heard strange sounds coming from your bedroom. Let me know what you think.
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@JustBhem (41646)
• Davao, Philippines
11 Jun 16
I think about Conjuring 2 while reading this. lol
@toniganzon (53293)
• Philippines
11 Jun 16
I didn't just imagine the sound. I heard it and it wasn't just me. 5 years ago, while I was mylotting late night in the evening (my time) I heard a woman humming a lullaby and it sounded like it's coming from my next door neighbour's place. Earlier that evening my husband already asked me if i was humming in my room to which I said no as I was busy chatting with my friends. I didn't jump to the conclusion immediately that it could be some paranormal activity. I checked and verified. There was nobody staying in our neighbour's. So whoever it was, I don't know at all.
@tech40 (9726)
• Philippines
11 Jun 16
Nah I haven't see any ghost yet but there are times that I feel that someone is watching me even if there's no one else.
@divinebee (264)
11 Jun 16
Hello.. nice post...i have never seen or felt anything of that sorts.. but i strongly believe that ghosts do exist.. Because, when there's good , there's bad too..