Complain, Whine, and Bitter Writers and Bloggers!

@Teep11 (7279)
United States
June 10, 2016 11:47pm CST
There's a lot of writers and bloggers that fit the titles category. Sounding as if they're world has crumbled. Getting mad at others because they've stepped out and tried to "make something happen." We all can make attempts at something. Expecting someone to do the majority of the work. Writers and bloggers won't share each other work but will get mad at another writer and blogger for being creative and coming up with something that could lead them to opportunities The same thing occurs on Twitter. People sitting and waiting for someone to retweet their tweet but will refuse to tweet. Really make sense. We have to make some effort and anyone expecting one person to do it all is plain nuts. Sometimes we have to open doors or at least thing of a way to advance. Stop being bitter and try to come up with something or at least allow others to do so.
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@epiffanie (10447)
• Australia
12 Jun 16
It's been a while since I came across bitterness on social media .. I've disconnected from the whiners .. lol ..
@acelawrites (12719)
• Philippines
11 Jun 16
That's crab mentality in the works! I don't use Twitter now, because I devote much of my time here on myLot because of the friendly people here.
@quantum2020 (10168)
• Ciudad De Mexico, Mexico
11 Jun 16
BLoggers and writers can take advantage of social media like facebook, where their writings could be shared by others without them doing more than posting appealing articles.
@Lucky15 (33669)
• Philippines
11 Jun 16
Am out of twitter now
@ilocosboy (40230)
• Philippines
11 Jun 16
I think its normal