Rest in Peace Christina Grimmie

Peoria, Arizona
June 11, 2016 2:50pm CST
I don't know if many of you knew of her but I watched her grow as a YouTuber and as an artist. She was only 22-years-old she was doing a meet and greet in Orlando where she was shot 3 times. The gunman had intentions of killing her for a while (Why? she was such an angel) and then Christina's brother tackled the gunman being the hero before the gunman could hurt anyone else. The gunman then killed himself. Christina was first in critical condition and then died in the hospital a few hours later. Just...why? Concerts are supposed to be SAFE, concerts are supposed to be FUN, Concerts are a way to express yourself and enjoy your time and let go! Concerts were always my safe haven, nothing in the world mattered, there was no one else around me but the band that is performing. He walked in so easily into the concert and the meet and greet with a gun? So, are you telling me that guns should STILL not have stronger regulations? Yes, security screwed up in not checking how they should but why should this person have a gun in the first place? I hate guns and I hate people with guns. I'm not saying take guns away, I'm saying if anyone wants to get a gun they HAVE to have more than just a simple background check. We are not in a constant war anymore, we don't need guns. But we are in a constant fear of people who own guns. I'm sorry, I did not want to make this into a political post but a girl, a daughter, a sister, and friend, and a talent. SHE LOST HER LIFE LAST NIGHT! She lost her life in front of her fans who were just trying to have a good time! I'm sick of artists getting gun threats and fearing if anyone else in the audience or the artist is going to get killed that night just because they wanted to have fun! You walk outside unknowing what is going to happen that day, we all want to hope for a great day, I walk outside in fear because of this world that is full of violence and hate. May Christina rest in peace where she can play Zelda all the time and reincarnate into a better world where she can be the elf she always wanted to be.
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@ida123 (6230)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
12 Jun 16
this man who shoot Christina Grimmie is insane, he killed an innocent individual with full of dreams
@carebear29 (28883)
• Wausau, Wisconsin
12 Jun 16
That is very sad
• Peoria, Arizona
12 Jun 16
It is so sad, she was so talented. I knew her before the voice, she was spunky and such an angel.
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