letting my fingernails grow

Omape Nail Care
June 11, 2016 2:52pm CST
I've decided to try and let my fingernails but I have an awful habbit of bitting them. I guess it's because when they get to a certain point they start spiliting and breaking and I snag my nail in stuff all the time and I can't stand that feeling. There start to grow out nicely I don't want them extremely long but as descent length to where they look nice. I thought that maybe keeping them filed and polished would distract me and help me to break this bad habbit. I thought about getting this product it's omape this is a picture of what it is. Wondering if anyone has used one of these. Also suggestion in what to use to help strengthen my nails would be much appericatied.
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• New Delhi, India
11 Jun 16
Garlic juice or lemon juice to strengthen your nails.
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11 Jun 16
thank you, I will try that.