Witches around the world

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Hyderabad, India
June 12, 2016 8:32pm CST
Witchcraft comes in many ways around the world. Some of them are as follow: In South Africa they come in two types. The witch doctor as he may be called falls into two types. Inyanga and Isangoma , The Inyanga is a modern day herbalist who uses all herbs and magical spells. The Isangoma is a healer who treats with prediction. They use their psychic abilities to protect against the evil, In Ghana witch camps have been established to give shelter for women who were considered to have magical powers and who were becoming scapegoats for tragedies like famine, sickness, and death. The banished are trying to make entry into the society with their families after decades of persecution and discrimination. In Chile the Machi are the traditional healers . But, the Kalku work with evil spirits. The Kalku use black magic and are even believed to have evil sidekicks. But, these two are traditionally women. The Kalku are more mystical fantastic creatures. The Machis perform religious duties. In the Philippines, the magic is still alive. Kulam is a Filipino witcraft. The practitioners are called MANGUKULAM. They believed to perform black magic using practices similar to Voodoo. They use spells and incantations to bring evil to the people. They sell love potions and services to help patrons to exact revenge on those who harmed them.
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13 Jun 16
I beleives that spells works. Don't know how it works.