What business is it of their's?

June 14, 2016 1:16am CST
I don't understand people sometimes. I know the living in an apartment complex people know your business but seriously. Yes it's probably no secret by now that I am a night owl. That's who I am and Im not changing for no one. Yes there are suppose to be quiet hours from 10pm till 8 am but that does not mean you can not have a light on or tv or music on as long as it low. It never fails every time I have my light the people upstairs start in I can the woman up there going off something about a light really my blinds are pulled so how does she even know. When Im late at night like this all Im doing is drawing or giving tarot readings to some of my clients online. How is that disturbing her, seriously I hear walking around up here and going off and just I heard her go outside on her deck stomping around and went back in and slammed the door. What is wrong with her? I try my best to ingore her and go about what Im doing but good Lord that's just about absurd.
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14 Jun 16
I would have suggested you to talk to her but the woman you're talking about seems very irritating. So I guess you'll just have to ignore her.