how to build a wise relationship

@oyeniyi (111)
United States
September 7, 2006 9:25am CST
out of ur friend will be ur husband or wife,bad friend are going to ruin u. HOW TO DETERMINED DAD FRIEND if u have friend he/she must be Godly,a friend u cannot discuss christ with is not a friend anywhere with good friendship there must be a God. WHY DO I HAVE TO BE CAREFUL ABOUT UR FRIENDSHIP proverb18;24,i must be careful who i have as a friend.things u need to look out for in a Godly friendship love,charges,intimacy,security.
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@ssh123 (31100)
• India
11 Sep 06
You cannot build a wise relationship. It will not last longer. Instead I would like say that one can build a honest relationship ; between a man and a woman, between two persons to be come good friends, between teacher and taught; between mother and daughter, between sisters, between brothers so on and so forth. Any long lasting relationship will have solid foundation such as mutual trust, sincereity of purpose, mutual respect and absolute honesty on both the partieis concerned.
• Saudi Arabia
11 Sep 06
a good friend are those people who are willing to listen, people who accepts mistake, people who's always there for you in good and in bad times. a good friend is someone you can lean on and don't ask for favor in return... if you see these characteristics with your friend, then you just did it!
@ntsiti (112)
11 Sep 06
The nature of the relationship you enter into should be based on the nature of your personality and that of the people you befriend.You cannot mingle easily with people who do not share or at least support your believs .They might as well discourage you from living the way you want to depending on how influential they are to you.