Save on daily specials but pay dearly for the extras at Church's Chicken

Dallas, Texas
June 14, 2016 8:39pm CST
The t.v. set was on and my wife saw a commercial that was about a four dollar deal at Church's Chicken. Okay, then, we went and checked this out. It was a Tuesday, in fact it was today, Tuesday, June 14, 2016. There was no $4.00 box deal! But there was a 2 piece-mix deal so I ordered 2 of them thinking I would get one white meat breast and one thigh or leg with each order and a honey biscuit. The man ahead of me ordered two of the 2 piece mixed, said that means you get one white piece, and one order extra of mashed potatoes and gravy. I told the man I wanted exactly what 'HE WAS HAVING.' My order included 2- two piece mixed with one biscuit and only one side of potatoes. I asked him how much extra for a second side of mashed potatoes and he told me approx. $1.80 for about 4 or 5 ounces with some brown gravy on top and the total came to little over 8 dollars. When we got home I had spent exactly the same as that man ahead of me but added one more order of potatoes so both me and my wife could enjoy the exact same amount of food. Then she told me, Thanks for the thigh and leg and biscuit and potatoes. She opened up a jar of sliced pickled jalapenos and we sat down to lunch and I realized, 'Hey we didn't get a breast with our order.' So I knew that I had been fooled once again by fast food bait and switch. The idea is, you think you're getting a good deal but unless you realize that the 4 dollar deal which this location wasn't participating in doing. The original idea was to get a box for 4 dollars that would include two pieces of chicken, dark, with a biscuit and two sides, like potatoes with gravy and coleslaw. Well, for 8 dollars, same as the ad but not the same, I got us 2 pieces of dark meat chicken a biscuit and mashed potatoes with gravy but no second side of slaw. The side of potatoes is so small that it is almost ridiculous. Yes it is proper for one on a diet but for myself. If I had just ordered two - two piece chickens for $1.49 each order that would be 3 dollars with 5 dollars left over to just not spend on anything. We could have made our own mashed potatoes or had a microwaved baked potato and we had bread and biscuits already. We could have ordered an additional 2 pieces of white meat chicken breasts for 4 dollars and I would have still one extra dollar more than before and we both would have actually had 3 pieced each of chicken. Then there was an option for 6 piece family deal for $5.99 and I would of saved a few dollars and we both would have had 3 pieces of chicken each. So, there really is a smart way to order chicken and the way I ordered it, the dumb way.
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@zarlamain (24874)
• United States
15 Jun 16
Seemed like a good deal at first, but then it fell apart.
@LoriAMoore (4677)
• United States
15 Jun 16
There's always a catch.