@Potorino (293)
June 15, 2016 6:26am CST
depression is not a joke! It's a real illness that doesn't discriminate. No amount of money or fame can fix it. The funniest man on earth couldn't just think positive and be healed. Support those who are battling depression and other mental heal issues. It takes lives!
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@Danzylop (1120)
• Philippines
15 Jun 16
Hi! Being depressed is just normal for a human being. It is a signal from the brain telling us to do something to solve a certain problem. It the brain does not send these signal, it means something is wrong with us. But you know in every problem there is always a way out. First, when you think of a problem, and you when you think for a solution, then you find a solution, then the problem is solved and there is nothing to be depressed about. Second, when you think of a problem, and when you think of a solution, then you find out that there is no solution, then the problem is also solved. Why? There is no reason to worry for something that does not have a solution. So we just have to let time pass.
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@Potorino (293)
15 Jun 16
That's great man i knew some people have a depression to their life and i keep helping them.
@Shavkat (66783)
• Philippines
15 Jun 16
Well, if we find someone in a state of severe depression, then find ways to ask for help.
@Potorino (293)
15 Jun 16
Yes depression is like a monster sitting in that's back of your neck and you just feel like no matter what you do it's gonna be their for all of your life.
@SHOHANA (7163)
• Bangladesh
31 Aug 16
try to say good bye to the depressions
@beenice2 (2464)
• Canada
25 Aug 16
Me and my oldest son, found help in those situations, because he was diagnosed with schizophrenia two years ago, and leaning on God's help, we came across lots of info, that will lead him to freedom from it. He recently order a book one is called ' choice therapy'. From William Glaser. The other ones that Mrs, William Glaser wrote are 'Take charge of your life'. And others. What helped my son was not the psychiatrist, but the help from God.
@dyno10 (347)
12 Aug 16
This is a good message. Depression is no joke