Morning Beauty

By King
June 15, 2016 7:30am CST
Getting up late daily is a very common thing among students in hostels.Sometimes at 09:00,some other times at 12:00,and there were couple of times when i woke even at 15:00 hrs.But yesterday i woke up by 06:00, didn't what to do,just got out into the balcony catching the essence of greenery and freshness in the dim sunlight.That feeling when you see all the lights switched off,with the morning breeze cuddling you,listening to the mellifluous voice of the birds is just awesome.
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• Westland, Michigan
16 Jun 16
For me waking up is more than just seeing the sun rise, but it is to get things done for the day on the weekends (M-F I have to get up early for work). If my wife wants me to do something around the house or do some research on the computer, or watch a TV show that was taped, etc., I wake up and yes see the peaceful sunrise, but then I can get to my tasks. I prefer to get things done earlier than later.
@sukhmani (800)
16 Jun 16
Yes ..the scene of early morning is quite beautiful and loveable
@aarifa (1212)
• India
15 Jun 16
I love it.but some chances only i have.
@marlina (79706)
• Canada
15 Jun 16
I am an early bird and enjoy the early morning sounds and sights.
@shubhu3 (21723)
• New Delhi, India
15 Jun 16
yeah I am also someone who tend to wake up lates in the morning during my vacations.
@toniganzon (53392)
• Philippines
15 Jun 16
I have always been a morning person even when I was a student. I love waking up to the sound of the birds and the first sunlight.