She can order the tickets

@ricki_911 (19954)
Toronto, Ontario
June 16, 2016 2:54pm CST
I posted on facebook asking who wanted to go see Kingston Penn with me.Now each ticket is $25, and this girl said her daughter and her wanted to go. Issue is I always buy tickets then this girl has cancelled then I loose out on the money. I didn't know my work schedule and then the cat insulin. This girl goes I am busy the first week of July, and the 13th is the best day. I said I start the cat on the 7th. So morning and night I have to do it. She goes well you can tell them you can't do it that one day. Well unlike her who has a husband who pays all her bills, and she works 4 hours a week to buy new shoes I don't have that luxury. I have to work in order to pay my bills, and that one day that isn't a big deal to her means more to me. She kept going we can get a hotel room. I go and who has a credit card (ME as she maxed all hers out), and then what I can be out more money when she gets busy.
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@paigea (22609)
• Canada
20 Jun 16
I would not like to make plans with her!