The Truest Book you know

United States
June 18, 2016 11:58pm CST
I have heard a saying before, something along the lines of "Write the truest sentence you know." The TRUEST one? Oh my, that's more of a challenge then you might first expect it to be. Who says that one truth is enough? Who says that my truth is your truth? Books are like that. It might hit you in a way that any other before it hasn't, but it still doesn't knock you down. It just stirs an emotion within you, not one that represents you per se, but one that makes you feel. Have you ever read a book that you felt represented you in every intimate way? As if, perhaps, the author followed you around for awhile, cataloging this nuance or that nuance, things you don't really think about? Things that are so desperately you that when you read the book it knocks you off your feet? I thought I have before, but apparently I was so very wrong. I read a book recently, and the genre doesn't truly matter. Nor do the title of the book. However, the main character's living situation, I felt as if the author had looked into my very soul and rung out all the dirty little secrets within. I didn't feel gutted or raw, I felt elated. I felt... relieved. I felt free. The character was like me in many ways, but so far apart from me all at once. I felt closer to myself whilst reading this, and was able to laugh out loud whilst doing so as well. I had to leave a review for the author, because unbeknowst to her, she unlocked something deep within that made me feel again. Feel so deeply that I hadn't realized I wasn't truly feeling until now...
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@TRBRocks420 (81015)
• Banks, Oregon
19 Jun 16
Sounds like quite the good book.
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• United States
19 Jun 16
It wasn't even the plot of the book, though it was nice. It was the little details that help make up the story itself, but not really necessary to support it.
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20 Jun 16
Firstly, I want to say that I love your username. And yes, I can empathise with what you feel, but I myself have never really encountered such a book. The closest that came to it was perhaps Atlas Shrugged, but even that was exaggerated for effect and had holes in it.
@responsiveme (16835)
• India
20 Jun 16
Thats a truly amazing experience you had as a reader. The authors touch your life with their writing, good authors are people who can understand how people feel.
@Marty1 (35341)
• Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
20 Jun 16
@scribbledadnauseum great book! Glad you read it. Happy it gives you such a free feeling. glad you can feel again. Hope you find more books like this eye opening to you books. Did you ever read this author before? I wonder if it is a new author to you If you find more books by this author and read similar great books! Or you can ask a librarian or book store worker what author writes books like this author or what other book they can suggest that is like the book you read? I wish you the best!
@LadyDuck (170265)
• Switzerland
19 Jun 16
I agree that the better book is the one who have characters capable to transmit true emotions. The genre does not really matter, at least not as much as the characters.