Common Things I search In My Friend

New Delhi, India
June 19, 2016 3:17pm CST
Many people have a lot of friends. Some people easily create friendship with anyone. Some people take this step after considering. Some peoples remain friends after year and year but some friendship break within few days. I have lack of friends always. I don't understand it why I not make friends like other boys do. My friendship with anyone, remain only one or two days. I hate any type of formalities, especially between friends. Some common things I search in my friend that he is helping guy and keep patience in every situation, he respect my opinions, he accepts challenges and many common thing I search inmy friend. But unfortunatelly all things I do not find in a single guy.
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@sharon6345 (138800)
• United States
19 Jun 16
Maybe you should search for something else and see how that works out for you. it's clear to see that his is not working for you. it's worth a shot if you really want a friend. I look for trustworthy an fun friends. The rest will follow.
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• New Delhi, India
19 Jun 16
Yes it is true that i am always in search of a friend.
@Farcha (686)
8 Aug 17
Sometimes, we search for a friend that we draw in our mind, it is still difficult. I wish you would been found him. Friendship is a good thing in our life which is short. Sharing good and bad moments, Nostalgies and memories. I think you would find him.
• Philippines
22 Jun 16
If you are comfortable in his presence, then I think you have found a friend. Respect is always the key to make the friendship lasts longer. I'm not sure how you handle yours, but it goes down on one's character.
@sukhmani (800)
20 Jun 16 person can not have all things in them..