It is so bad, just too bad

June 20, 2016 5:27am CST
So my uncle's on vacation, I know I should not feel it this way but what can I do I am also trying to make ends meet. Got bills to pay, Have a nanny to pay, plus her daily meal allowance since I only cook for the morning and she had to buy some for her lunch and afternoon snacks and also Got the baby to feed, got to buy his needs. I just do not care if he will stay at the house for a week or two but staying there for two months? How can I ever survive? I have no one to help me with the expenses. I shoulder all of it and I too do not have online job at the moment. I was some sort of you know oh my God I thought he will be here for just a few days but when he told me he is planning to stay there for two months, seems I wanted to hide somewhere. Where on earth would I get the money to buy our needs. It is about two weeks now and he is telling me to do this and that. that I should give the nanny's extra money whenever she shows up on weekends. I do not ask her to come at weekends but at times she has nothing to do at their house she will come over and play with my little boy. And that I would also take them to the mall and buy something for her and her family. What the H! I even seldom buy something for myself because it is the baby's needs and the bills that comes first. I called my mother and told just what her brother does, but she only said not to make him feel bad or hurt his feelings since he is old enough to be told what to do.. And I do not know what to do now.
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• United States
20 Jun 16
Your uncle dropped his child off for you to take care of? You thought he'd be gone for a week or two, but it turns out to be a full month? Here in the US, if someone else is looking after a child? The parent of said child provides money for the child's needs. The only exception is if the child is being taken care of by their grandparents.
• Philippines
21 Jun 16
He does not stop by to care for my child he is there to spend his vacation at my expense :( and he does not have his child but he acknowledging a child whom we do not think belong to him because the child comes from a married woman (still living with her husband) and he is supporting that child. Sometimes he would ask mom to lend him some money because the child is in the hospital. Can you imagine that? My child has his own nanny which I am paying since he is 2 months old.