2010: The Year We Make Contact

@JESSY3236 (7760)
United States
June 21, 2016 6:27am CST
For part of my computer movie marathon, I watched 2010. It is the sequel to 2001 A Space Odyssey. It was made in 1984. It was based on the book by: Arthur C. Clarke. It has Roy Scheider, John Lithgow, Keir Dullea, Bob Balaban, Douglas Rain in it. Big Warning: there is a weird ending. Big Warning 2: there is some sad parts. 2010 takes place after Bowman disappears. Dr. Floyd gets blamed for the mission and gets a teaching job. On the side he had been wanting to go see the spaceship Discovery which is in obit around Jupiter. He wants to know what happened to Hal. The Russians also want to see Discovery too. So they combined efforts to see it. A computer scientist gets Hal back in order. He tells Floyd what happened to Hal. They also find out that on Eurupa there is some life there. They also find the strange rock that was near Jupiter. But the aliens won't let them enter like they did with Bowman. Bowman gets to say goodbye to his wife and mother. He also gives a warning to Floyd that they can't stay there and leave within two days. They decide to lie to Hal. On Jupiter, millions of rocks take over Jupiter. The aliens then make Jupiter a sun. Hal sends a message saying Eurupa is off limits, but every other world is ours. I'm not going to read the second book since this movie was understandable for the most part. I think I will read the rest of the series though. Next week I'm watching Hide and Seek. It 's another computer movie.
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@paigea (22673)
• Canada
23 Jun 16
I didn't even know they made a sequel to 2001
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• Calgary, Alberta
22 Jun 16
These is one of the movies that gave my 90's kid self false hopes that the year 2000 will be super high-tech and awesome. Back in the 90's I love watching 80's sci-fi movies and they made me excited about the year 2000.
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@shaggin (39527)
• United States
21 Jun 16
Sounds like a pretty good movie
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@sol_cee (18426)
• Japan
21 Jun 16
You sound so busy. lol
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