Date night part 3

@Jdaw1985 (4007)
Harrells, North Carolina
June 21, 2016 6:55pm CST
My hubby was not for sure where he was going so he stopped and turned around. We had passed a store from what it looked like any way. So we pulled into the drive way and it said bar and grill on it. So we went in and they had like a regular drink place to get some bottle drinks. He had me to go and get us some drinks while he was talking to a guy. He then went to the bar and was talking to a girl and her boyfriend. He finds out that the place he wanted to take me did not open until 9 pm. Mind you this is like 4 pm in the afternoon. We has no idea where we were other then in the country. ~We did not see any place to shop or even eat at while we were on this road. So we decided to just get something to eat at the grill while we were waiting. I was starving so i was very happy to be eatting something. Hubby was not to happy because he wanted to take me some where nice to eat for dinner but it was good for me as long as we were together. Then hubby always talks about me on my phone all the time and i had mine on the table. What do you see here he is on his phone looking on facebook. So i picked up my phone and started taking pictures LOL and texting his sister back LOL. Part 1 = Part 2 =
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• Jacksonville, Florida
29 Jun 16
Lol, my husband does the same thing to me about electronics-but of course it's okay when he does it!
@Jdaw1985 (4007)
• Harrells, North Carolina
30 Jun 16
LOL I do not think that he really thought about it to be honest with you due to the fact that it was not a real nice place to eat it was just a bar and grill.
@celticeagle (116017)
• Boise, Idaho
22 Jun 16
Sounds like you two have a good relationship. You handled the situation great.
@Jdaw1985 (4007)
• Harrells, North Carolina
23 Jun 16
lol thnk you and we really do.
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