Family Bonding

@just4him (127164)
Green Bay, Wisconsin
June 22, 2016 11:27pm CST
So the billboard says outside my grandson's workplace. Along with the Family Bonding is a picture of a father and son engaged in an activity. With all the violence we have in our country to see this kind of billboard was not my idea of family bonding. So what was the picture of? A father teaching his son how to shoot a gun, and you could do that at the Family Shooting Academy located at address given and phone number. I have always been against guns. I didn't allow my children to have them growing up, not even Nerf guns or water guns. Maybe I carried it a bit far, but none of my kids have ever used a firearm. Nor do they want to. I don't consider that activity as a family bonding moment. Instead, I look at it as a message that it's okay for you to go out and kill your fellowman. When I was growing up there was a saying - The family that prays together, stays together. So what would this slogan be? The family that shoots together, dies together? Gun control is something I would get behind. There is too much violence in the world today. What are we teaching our children? What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading.
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29 Jun 16
Seems like they could have come up with a better idea for a family bonding billboard and not something that promotes shooting
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@just4him (127164)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
30 Jun 16
I totally agree.